At Simply our vision is to offer our customers the best service by a qualified certified professional in the comfort of your own home. We aim to always exceed customer expectations resulting in customer delight.

Our mission is to provide highest possible quality at the right price giving you value for money.
In this get what you pay for world we deliver effective skill at a fair price, after all would you rather pay an amateur half the hourly rate for two or three times as long fumbling around causing more damage than they fix?

We exist because of our customers and we are very careful to keep the service personal so that you know the engineer who will call and better sill they know the history of your computer which can help speed up diagnosis.

With a customer base now exceeding 1,500 we are grateful to you all who have made us what we are today. By listening to feedback, we strive to serve our customers even better and continue to keep them fully satisfied.

Rob Huntley
Simply Computing
Mobile 07751 748835
Landline 01747 830165

Welcome to Simply Computing!

*** We try to keep this website as up to date as possible please feel free to bookmark this page and come back as and when you need us ***

At Simply we look after all your home and business computing & network requirements in, Shaftesbury, Gillingham, Blandford and all surrounding Blackmore Vale areas.


With flexible appointments available, give us a call today to discuss what we can do to get you back up and running.


Simply Computing is a predominantly a small & flexible mobile PC repair company that will fix your PC in the comfort of your own home. Whatever the issue you are experiencing get in touch and we can advise the best most cost-effective course of action for you or book you in for a visit if required.

Many computer issues are linked to the environment they are in, by this we mean issues like printing errors, broadband dropouts or not connecting at all. Have you ever struggled to take your PC to a repair shop with too few or too many cables and peripherals only to find after days or weeks without it that there is no problem found!

At Simply we pride ourselves in giving your PC personal attention to fix you're problems and not give you the general off the shelf answers like "It's broken and you need a new one", "here's one I prepared earlier" or "You'll have to have it reinstalled" and "Oh sorry you've lost your important files and family photos".

We believe that although most PC problems follow a particular fault theme it really isn't a case of one answer fit's all. With over 25 years experience in the industry I've pretty much heard all the lame cop-out excuses and I like to give each user and PC the attention you deserve and pay for.

At Simply we carry out repairs and maintenance on Desktop, Laptop "PC" & Servers running ALL Windows Systems & the work is carried out by a Microsoft Certified Professional.
From legacy systems to the most recent version of Windows 10 and Server 2019. Also help and assistance with smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad and Android, connectivity and synchronisation issues.

Please see our Services Offered page for more information on what we can do for you.

If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better, please do contact us as we would like to hear from you.

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